ShopCity Launches ‘City Managers’ Program

ShopCity, a storefront and marketing platform for SMBs, hopes to jumpstart its reach via a new “City Manager” program that allows local media partners to secure local URL rights owned by ShopCity (i.e., and market its services. City Managers, who handle sales and marketing as well as community relations, share revenues from storefront and marketing sales. They will also get a piece of the action from ShopCity’s community marketplace and upcoming daily deal feature.

One example of the program is In this case, the SoCal city’s economic development division actively helped to market the platform to SMBs, greatly simplifying the city manager’s job — and winning an 80 percent participation rate among local businesses.

Embarcadero Publishing, a seven-title Bay Area group, is ShopCity’s charter media partner, having secured the rights to, and Embarcadero has also begun actively soliciting support and business participation, landing partnerships with the chambers of commerce and municipal governments in all three cities, and ramping up for a September promotional campaign.

This summer, the Silicon Valley publisher hired a bunch of college kids to canvass the business community, showing off business profiles with a dedicated ShopCity iPhone app. “The response has been overwhelmingly positive,” says ShopCity CEO Colin Pape. “Small businesses really identify with our ‘shop local’ message and we’re generating a lot of goodwill by providing them with a complimentary profile page and online storefront.”

In other ShopCity news, Pape says the site is also building out its new national local shopping portal via, a URL it recently acquired.

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  1. Geoff Sakala

    Fantastic! The ShopCity platform is the most powerful local ecommerce solution by far. This new City Manager program is really a tremendous opportunity for local media and online marketers to build community profitably online. There really is no downside to this new offering and pairing it with a well trafficked national site is going to drive amazing traffic to City Manager partners. This national roll out will be exciting to watch as the network begins to really drive local shopping. This could be the spark that reinvigorates small business and dare I say help propel local communities out of this recession.

  2. Peter Krasilovsky

    Geoff: is looking great!

  3. Jason Reynolds

    Here’s a link to the partner program if anyone’s interested:


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