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Voices Heard Media, a company that builds tools to embed onto several mobile and social platforms, announced improvements to EventBox this week. EventBox is part of a suite of embeddable apps designed to increase audience engagement. CEO Will Overstreet says he got the idea for the app from his experiences as a former NFL player and television broadcaster.

“We never knew what was important to the audience,” Overstreet said. “With EventBox, [site admins] can take questions in real time.” As a result, network programs can determine what topics interest their viewers most. The app’s system also ranks the most popular comments. Below is an example of an EventBox app from the DIY Network. DIY Network

To enhance user experience and administrative control of live events, VHM created “Instant Gratification for a Moderated Event” or “IG Me!” IG Me! allows visitors to enter their question and see it on the screen instantly as if it were not moderated, even though the actual comment is in a moderation queue. Indeed, TV show fans who utilize these apps value the instant gratification of seeing their opinion published in real time. Other VHM clients like Disney, Food Network and Fox Sports use EventBox to lure users away from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to engage them on their own individual sites.

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