Google Leads Local Search, but Word of Mouth Gets Leads

Google is the No. 1 place U.S consumers look online for information about a local business or restaurant, according to CityGrid Media’s research conducted by Harris Interactive in March.


Google finished 13 percentage points ahead of online Yellow Pages and held a significant lead over popular social media sites Facebook and Twitter. Despite consumer reliance on online search, consumers told CityGrid that the primary reason they would try a local business is based on a friend’s recommendation. We reported about the value of recommendations earlier in this month. Online reviews only got 2 percent of respondents in the door.


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  1. Marketing Using Video

    Very informative and an enjoyable read! Great site!

  2. Leo Dimilo

    You have to wonder how much influence Google will have if and when they can give you what your connections suggest. I mean how about that for social proof? All the rest is not surprising at all.

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