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Succession Planning for Radio Owners

About 30% (or about 460) of the commercial radio owners with an estimated $80 million or less in total revenue in the U.S. made their most recent acquisition or launched their newest station 20 or more years ago. Nearly 15%…

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Radio Versus the Duopoly: The 2x Equation.

BIA's recent forecast for 2021 shows Radio as #5 among the top five ad media for local spending. Mobile (smartphones, tablets) and Online (desktops, laptops) claim the #2 and #3 positions. If we combine the spending across these three media…

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The Rebound for Radio

The next six months will be an interesting time for Radio operators. As we get to the next stage of the pandemic and start to see unemployment numbers drop and businesses re-emerge, Radio is uniquely positioned to benefit from this…

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TV and Radio Update: June 2020

As we progress thru the pandemic, station sales have been weak, both in terms of the number and value. For example, 34 radio sold for $4 million in May. Station sales as of May 31, 2020 Transaction Values as of…

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